As the human-technology getting more advanced, the Earth’s environment is destroyed more and more seriously. We hope by playing this game, people around the world will have a more understanding of the environment.
This is an app that uses the space station to recycle. The gameplay is very easy. All you need is to tap on the screen to change the mode for the
space station.
The different modes will correspond to different resources to handle. There are two kinds of resources. Recyclable and non-recyclable. If you didn’t match the right mode, the game will be over.



A beautiful blue planet with marvelous oceans and islands and many different kinds of creatures. Because of human development, many of them have died out.

Recyclable resources

Very valuable to the environment. It can be reused. Many people are conducting research on it.


Useless to the environment. It can continue to destroy the environment. Your job is to clean up it around the Earth.


It can influence the tides on Earth. There are many unknowns within the moon waiting for humans to discover.

Recycle Station

Recycle resources and use them again.

Garbage Station

Destroy the garbages, makes it disappear.





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